The New Sprinter

The best Sprinter of all time.

Best in class – with the most variants.

Each of our customers has to meet very specific challenges in his day-to-day work. And as these demands are becoming larger by the day, there are numerous Sprinter Panel Van variants to meet them.

  • 3 wheelbases.
  • 4 body lengths.
  • 3 loading space heights.
  • Loading length up to 470 Approx, loading room height up to 214 Approx.
  • 3 different roof variants.
  • Optionally available Panel Van with partial glazing and seats for up to 6 persons.
  • Numerous engine variants.
  • Numerous optional equipment features.
  • Weight variants: tonnages from 3.0 to 5.0 t.
  • Optionally up to 3.5 t towing capacity for selected vehicle variants.
  • Payload of up to 2532 kg.
  • Loading volume of up to 17 cbm.


New-design steering wheel: Comfortable and easy grip.

The standard steering wheel, adjustable in angle and height, provides better adaptation to the individual requirements and to the driver's stature. It enables an ergonomically-adapted seating posture which helps to maintain driver fitness on longer journeys. Allows quick and easy steering wheel adjustment following a change of driver.

Multifunction steering wheel: keeping an eye on essentials all the time

The standard multifunction steering wheel with chrome inserts and thickened rim enhances active safety and comfort.

The four pairs of steering wheel buttons can be used to access and adjust on-board computer functions, radio volume, telephone and ASSYST. These functions can be operated while keeping both hands on the steering wheel. This way you can keep your eyes on the road at all times. More comfort, more safety.

Dashboard: concentrate on essentials

The standard instrument cluster with pixel matrix display harmoniously blends design with function. easy-to-read functions mean less distraction while on the move.

The optional tyre pressure monitoring system informs you of insufficient tyre pressure. This leaves you free to concentrate fully on the road.

New-design gear-selector lever: Better ergonomics, more space

The convenient shift lever is in an ergonomically practical location on the centre console, saving valuable space in the cab. Naturally the same applies to the automatic transmission variant as well.

Apart from saving space you will notice one thing in particular: it simply feels good in your hand.

Safe and convenient: the start-off assist feature

Start-off Assist makes it easier to start off on uphill slopes:

Start-off Assist, an integral part of the ESP®, makes it easier to start off on uphill slopes: After the brake pedal is released, brake pressure is maintained for approximately two seconds, allowing the driver to move their foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator without having to worry about the vehicle starting to roll back. Start-off Assist is active on uphill slopes of approx. 4% or more. It is not activated when starting off on the level or on a downhill slope.


Superb technology – for the best Sprinter of all time.

High quality standards and solid resale values all contribute to the overall cost-effectiveness of the Sprinter, as do its state-of-the-art engines:

With the advanced OM 651 4-cylinder CDI diesel engine available in three output bands and the effortlessly superior OM 642 V6 CDI diesel engine, the Sprinter sets new standards in terms of economic efficiency and future-proofing. With the Euro 5b+ Gr. III and Euro VI emission classes as well as the BlueEFFICIENCY package Plus, it is possible to reduce fuel consumption noticeably.

In addition to the low consumption levels you can also reduce nitrogen oxides thanks to BlueTEC engines with novel SCR technology.

An overview of Sprinter engines:

  • Economical 4-cylinder CDI diesel engine with outputs of 95 hp, 129 hp and 163 hp.
  • V6 CDI diesel engine with an output of 190 hp.
  • Natural Gas Technology with a choice between single-fuel natural gas drive and bi-fuel natural gas and petrol-engine drive.

A clean affair. Natural-gas drive system

Alternatively, the Sprinter is available with NGT (Natural Gas Technology) natural gas drive. These drive systems are BlueEFFICIENCY technologies with significantly reduced pollutant emissions.


A strong impetus for your enterprise

The ECO Gear 6-speed manual transmission is the ideal partner for the Sprinter's diesel engines. Thanks to a greater transmission spread, a broader overall gear ratio and the reduction of the engine speed, the transmission significantly reduces the combined consumption figures compared with the previous Euro IV CDI diesel engines. The ECO Gear 6-speed manual transmission is available in two variants: the ECO Gear 360 for the 4-cylinder CDI diesel engines and, as a more powerful transmission variant, the ECO Gear 480 for the 6-cylinder CDI diesel engine.

NGT natural gas powered engines benefit from the tried-and-tested NSG 370 manual gearbox.

7G-TRONIC PLUS – intelligent drive system technology.

With the optional 7G-TRONIC PLUS 7-speed automatic transmission, the Sprinter is the first and only van in its class to offer the efficiency, smooth running characteristics and ride comfort of a passenger car. The innovative 7G-TRONIC PLUS technology increases the shifting efficiency of the transmission and so contributes to the low fuel consumption of the Sprinter. The suspension of the Sprinter chassis has been lowered by 30 mm [2] and completes the high level of ride comfort. Individually tailored to your requirements, you can choose from the chassis variants listed for your Sprinter.

  • All-wheel drive – on-demand, including reduction gear, Downhill Speed Regulation (DSR) and heavy-blocked all-terrain tyres.
  • Air suspension with level control.
  • Optional suspension packages for a wide range of requirements.
  • Various final-drive ratios.


Crosswind Assist.

The Sprinter is the first van to be equipped as standard with Crosswind Assist. Crosswind Assist supports the driver in strong, gusty side winds through automatic brake interventions in order to help the vehicle stay in lane.

Driving Assistance package, new standards for safety

Thanks to its safety packages, which are unparalleled in the van segment, the Sprinter can match any passenger car.

With features such as COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist and Highbeam Assist, the optional Driving Assistance package contributes to reduce accident risk in many situations and towards enhancing ride comfort.

Lane Tracking package. Optimum complement for a safe journey.

The Lane Tracking package, available as optional equipment, contributes to enhancing active safety and ride comfort with its components Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist and High-beam Assist.


Adaptive brake light: A shining example

The adaptive brake lights enhance active safety by providing an improved signalling effect. This is achieved by making all three brake lamps start flashing in the event of a critical braking manoeuvre from a speed of 32mph or more.

This provides a warning to following traffic, and helps shorten the drivers' reaction time. If the vehicle is brought to a complete standstill from a speed greater than 40 mph the hazard warning lamps switch on automatically.

Bi-xenon headlamps: brighter, farther, safer

The optional bi-xenon headlamps with LED-based daytime running lamps and cornering light function provide a uniform illumination of the road surface thanks to their automatic headlamp range adjustment And they do this without dazzling oncoming traffic.

The bi-xenon headlamps with their cornering light function, range adjustment and headlamp cleaning system thus provide enhanced illumination of the road edges and thus visibility at junctions and in tight bends. This enables pedestrians and other obstacles to be spotted sooner, reducing the risk of accident. The system also makes life easier for the driver when manoeuvring at poorly lit loading ramps or in the dark. Having a second headlamp-integrated light source avoids disconcerting other road users by producing a gradual lighting change.

Rain sensor: extremely sensitive

You are bound to be delighted with the optionally available Headlamp Assist with light and rain sensor: as darkness falls, or upon entering a tunnel, the vehicle lighting is switched on automatically.

The sensor also detects precipitation on the windscreen, activates the wipers, and even adjusts the wiping speed to the intensity of the rain.

Wide-angle mirrors: two mirrors see more than one

The exterior mirror of the Sprinter is complemented by a standard-fit wide-angle mirror. Lets you keep a watchful eye on cyclists and pedestrians when making turns, for example.

The indicator repeaters also integrated into the exterior mirror housings additionally enhance safety when making turns.

With the electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors (optional extra), the wide-angle mirror is also heated. This prevents misting or icing up.

Reversing camera: more hindsight every day

The optionally available reversing camera is a visual parking aid and enhances safety when reversing or manoeuvring. It improves the vehicle's rearward visibility. When reverse gear is engaged, the reversing camera in conjunction with a 17.8 cm screen displays the area behind the vehicle.


ADAPTIVE ESP®: stability in an instant

ADAPTIVE ESP® is a dynamic handling control system that also takes the vehicle load into account. It actively intervenes in certain dangerous driving situations by means of targeted brake applications at individual wheels, and affects an adjustment of the engine output based on current requirement to aid the driver in being able to master the dangerous situation. ADAPTIVE ESP® integrates the functions of the ABS anti-lock braking system, ASR acceleration skid control, EBD electronic brake force distribution, Brake Assist (BAS) and Hill-Start Assist with an added handling stability aid. ESP® trailer stabilisation (only in conjunction with optional trailer coupling or pre-installation for trailer coupling) furthermore enhances handling safety in trailer operations.

What's more, ADAPTIVE ESP® distinguishes itself by two innovative functions which help to shorten the stopping distance. ESP® Brake Disc Wipe periodically removes the film of water which forms on the brake discs when it rains and thus speeds up braking in wet conditions. Thanks to ESP® Electronic Brake Prefill, the brake linings are applied lightly to the brake discs as soon as the driver takes his foot abruptly off the accelerator. As a result the reaction time - and thus the stopping distance – are shortened when braking.

Caution: ADAPTIVE ESP® can only act within the laws of physics. It is therefore impossible for ADAPTIVE ESP® to prevent skidding as a result of aquaplaning, for example. If the driver exceeds the physical limits, even ADAPTIVE ESP® will not be able to prevent an accident!

Brake system. Great stability

The Sprinter not only is equipped with disc brakes on all four wheels. Our engineers also managed to improve the tried and tested dual-circuit hydraulic brake system still further. An electric brake wear indicator on each of the four wheels shows the current condition of the brake pads.

The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) with added value functions, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake force distribution (EBD) are naturally just as much a part of the standard equipment of the Sprinter as the Brake Assist System (BAS), acceleration skid control (ASR) and the vehicle/trailer stabilisation.

More safety towing trailers

The ESP® Trailer Stability Assist increases active safety when pulling a trailer. The system intervenes in a targeted manner if the trailer begins swinging back and forth and helps the driver to stabilise the vehicle/trailer combination. ESP® Trailer Stability Assist comes as standard in conjunction with trailer coupling. It is automatically active if the vehicle has been equipped with a trailer coupling ex factory; if the trailer coupling is retrofitted, the function can be retroactively activated by any authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Airbags and Seat belts

There's no such thing as too much safety

The potential to protect the driver in a head-on collision is increased through the driver's front airbag (fitted as standard), working in conjunction with the correctly-worn seatbelt. A front airbag for the co-driver is also available as an option (for the double co-driver's seat as well).

To supplement the front airbags, a windowbag and thorax bag are also available as optional extras for both the driver and co-driver. They are deployed on the impact side in the event of a severe side impact. The windowbag serves to increase the degree of protection for the head of the occupants. It deploys in the area of the side windows. Housed in the outside bolsters of the seat backrests, thorax bags are designed to provide increased protection for the upper torso of the seat occupant.

The Sprinter also has:

  • Three-point seat belts on all seats; with belt tensioners and belt force limiters for individual driver's and Approx.-driver's seats.
  • a seat belt reminder is fitted for the driver's seat as standard.
  • 2-way head restraints are fitted for front seats as standard.
  • 4-way head restraints are available as an option.

Passenger Cell

Rigid passenger safety cell
If the worst comes to the worst, it’s good to know that, with the Sprinter, you have chosen a robust and safe place to be. A highly stress-resistant system of beams and a high-strength safety cell are the basis of its safety body. Both are optimised for strength and stiffness during the design phase in respect of protection of occupants and other road users.
So-called deformation boxes in the front structure of the Sprinter divert the forces of an impact in a well-directed and controlled manner.
This helps the passenger cell retain stability in the event of a head-on collision, to provide better protection to the occupants.

Load Securing

Secure load

Unsecured loads can develop dangerous dynamics while on the move. That is why the Sprinter panel van offers a load securing and load anchoring system that is as that is diverse and practical. Optional anchoring rails in the floor, side wall and roof frame as well as lashing straps for the anchoring rails help to secure the load.

Additionally, bulkheads in various forms protect the driver and co-driver from cargo which gets out of place.

Sprinter 360° View